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Sunday, October 21, 2012

community market

Well, I have managed to miss almost all of the Community Market this year. Yesterday was the penultimate Saturday, and I did make it down there under my own steam. (0.28 mile, counting the jog up to Mulberry to cross Carroll with a light, 13 minutes. Even crossing with a light was a little scary, as the light at Mulberry is much too short, even for people without healing ankles. And a fresh gust of south breeze blew my empty shopping bag out of  my stroller as I crossed. I did NOT attempt to retrieve it.)

I was hoping that the last hold-outs of the  farmers along the curb would be there, including Mrs. Beatty from whom I  could get a tongue and some ground beef, but their season is evidently over. The Community folks were going strong, though. I talked to some of the craft-persons, who said it has been quite a good summer. Good news for being a vendor next year.

Sadly, the tomatoes were gone entirely. Guess fresh homegrown local tomatoes -- the only kind worth eating --  are off the menu for the next six months. Bright red bell peppers were in some abundance, as well as pipsqueak eggplants, and early greens. So I got a pretty good stroller-ful of goodies.

I bought tiny eggplants, some tomatillos, and mustard sprouts from  this gentleman. His partner was kind enough to  to document the occasion. I think this was Denton's Backyard Farms' booth.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

faster, farther, and outside!

A month ago Dr. Whatley pronounced my tibia fully knit, and said I could do whatever I felt up to. So Kay and I forthwith went to Choice Med and gave them back my wonderful Camel-scooter, and I have been more or less on my feet since then. Here is the line-up of my walking aids:

Stroller, Stick, Walker, Big Black Boot

At first I wore the boot for support whenever I put any weight on the joint, and I took most of my right-foot weight on my hands. So much so that I developed extremely painful pressure sores on the heels of my hands -- bad idea. Took days and days to heal. The boot was good to have, once the stitches had healed and I needed it for support. They just gave it to me a month too early.

I think the last time I wore it may have been to the Naturalist meeting September 20th. Now I don't need it at all any more; I can put all of my weight on the right foot. Two days after that  meeting I fixed up the broomstick with the walker-leg-end tip, and used it Sept. 23rd at Zilly-boy Park at the Interpretive Center and to get to the lake-shore to go swimming. Good thing I got my swim in,  because we have now had a real cold snap, almost a frost, this past week-end, and I don't think I'll be swimming outdoors again till next year. Oh, well.

Last week Ben got the very flat tires of Tom's old stroller fixed up, and I have new gone on a couple of walks OUTSIDE! On the SIDEWALK! Around the BLOCK! That is, today I made it around the Bernard-Mulberry-Carroll block. 0.7 miles. Though I was lagging, and taking baby steps, by the time I got  back. Still, I made it, down the drive (talk about baby steps! and much use of brake), around the block, and back up and to the ramp. And as a reward, look what is blooming in the front yard since the rain a week ago.

Schoolhouse Lilies AKA Red Rain Lilies

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