Natural History Notes

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yesterday it was Indian Summer, 80° (well day before yesterday, it's 5 am now. Now it's 37°, and tonight it is pretty likely to freeze. And as usual, the plants are all still outside.

I've not been doing much outside, although I have still to write the posts and post pics of fall in Concord. Been enjoying the kittens (something ELSE I haven't posted on), cleaning out with Ellen, and running financial errands.

AND getting an Etsy shop going, and actually making a sale!! So if anybody reading this needs some nice joolery, go to Also I'm putting up there some of my photos for sale, like these two. (OK, that gets a kitten posted.)

And then here's a sort of "messin' with your perceptions" shot of two planets hanging in a tree, which is a pair of earrings.

I'm also linking to a blog which is composed of lots of pictures of goodies other Etsy sellers have for sale. Boycott the corporations, Buy Handmade!

Etsy Mini Blog