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Monday, May 26, 2008

KITTENS ready to be adopted TODAY

I'm having a fun time (NOT) with Craigslist today; it "ghosted" my ad -- told me it was published, but it never appeared. I'm trying to fix it, but I may have to either wait two days, or slim it down to bare bones. If I do, I will direct people to the original copy of it here.

Five lively kittens are 8 weeks old and ready for new homes.

I would really like for them to be adopted in pairs, but all the bigger ones are certainly able now to go solo. They are the three males who are tabby-striped grey or charcoal on their backs. The littlest female has just made it to 22 ounces (big brothers are over two pounds each) and I believe she needs her mama for a few more weeks; if you want her and could temporarily give a home to her mom too, that would work.

I'm hoping to also find a quiet home for mom after she is spayed; she was feral but was handled and fed when she was a kitten two years ago, and she is becoming pretty accustomed to indoor care -- she will be a sweet pet in a gentle, peaceful home. She's a pretty little cat, white with her ears and the back of her head.Please don't make me put any ofthem back outside in the feral jungle!

Mom has had her shots; the kittens had their first set May 14, and will need to get the follow-ups mid-June and mid-July. (It's quite affordable at the clinic in Denton.) I will get the big guys neutered this week; the smaller females aren't big enough yet.

I need to know that they will be spayed; the whole reason for raising these kittens was to remove one line of ferals from my back woods (It's been a joy, but I would HATE to think that the job wasn't finished; I would rather keep them longer and get it done myself.) The Humane Society will reimburse $25 of the $35 spaying cost.

The illustrated genealogical history, sort of, of this line of cats for the last two years is on this blog; go to the entry named "feral-and-ex-feral-cats" and also to "growth."

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Monday, May 19, 2008


Kittens are growing up. I had the whole basketful of them out on the couch a couple of weeks ago, when they were 5 weeks old. Agate and Alabaster inspected, and were NOT impressed.

They have all been to the clinic now for their first shots and a gulp of dewormer. The tech said, when I said they had been inside their whole lives, "Kittens are born with worms." Since her worm medicine, little miss teeny-cat, who was stuck at 15 ounces, has made it up to 19.

Mom doesn't offer to let them nurse very often any more, but every now and then they pile on. Here it looks like little tabby-spot is trying out nutrition by osmosis.