Natural History Notes

Friday, June 29, 2007

rain yesterday, rain tomorrow ... and today too

All those posts last year about drought ...

We're closing in on a foot of rain for June, and over 32" so far for the year. This week, there has been a low-pressure area sitting over central Texas and southern Oklahoma, just sucking in Gulf moisture and then dumping it. Marble Falls got an incredible 19" in one day!

This afternoon about 4:30, Mary picked me up to go over to her house. We went down Sycamore to Welch. Even at the top of the hill here the street was awash. From the corner at Bernard, where the gutters were pouring full force through the storm drains, to about 2/3 of the way to Welch, the street was continuously gutter-full. We threw up a continuous spray mid-window height, even going really slow. Tributaries came swirling out into the street through the curb-cuts from the paved parking lot. Then the sun started to peek through the clouds, even while the rain continued. By the time we crossed the creek up by DHS and DUUF, it was barely sprinkling. There must have been much less rain there, because the creek was hardly up at all.

More showers and downpours three or four more times during the evening.

This morning a 4-ft oak limb stub landed on the deck, and sometime this afternoon the east end of the deck awning fell down.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

hot and humid

Not as hot as it will be, obviously, but really muggy. LOTS of rain. 27 inches so far this year, including the 5 inches on April 24 when Mary and Amy and I were at Lake Whitney. The basement is really wet. Today Shanna's friend Mike installed chicken-wire screens so the windows can stay open and maybe it will dry out. Also, after MUCH fiddling, he got the garage doors all attached to the track again. And repatched the holes. No more possums!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned all our water-bug dates or not. I need to check with Kay about a collection date in May. I think I was along on one, but didn't make the ID day. Then we collected with new protocol on June 8, and lab is next Friday.

The collection photo is at Gay Street, the Coreopsis, cattails, and blue damselfly at Burning Tree Street.

Finally, a few shots from Lake Whitney.

The lake ( — we couldn't see this view),

Amy and Mary on the porch,

the classic flower-photographer's posture,

And, of course, bluebonnets.