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Saturday, September 13, 2008

waiting for Ike

There really is a "calm before the storm." 7:30 am, the sun is presumably just up behind the thick overcast, humidity 80%, all quiet and still. Going to be a few more hours till the storm reaches here with more than clouds.

I looked at the Houston area accumulated rain radar. I have never before seen the colors for 6, 8 10, or 12" on such a plot!

Virgil and I cleaned the roofs and downspouts yesterday, put a bit of acrylic patch compound in the presumed source of the leak in the office roof, and spread a hopeful layer of asphalt over Shanna and Larry's bay window. I meant to clean off the shelf behind the gray fence, and haven't, so things might blow there.

They have increased the forecast speed of the storm as it moves north, shortening the estimated time it will be dumping on us.

7:50 - A breeze is developing.

8:10 - According to the radar, the first little band of rain is about to manifest itself.

More later.

Later (much later, I write this in January 2009, since I never got back to the post) -- We never had any significant wind, nor even much rain, though areas further east did. As the weather bands came rotating around to the west side of the storm, they just evaporated and disappeared. Places in Arkansas lost power for days, and Kieren and Jon's beach house vanished completely off its foundation; Amy had no power for almost 6 days, but nothing happened here.

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