Monday, June 30, 2014

rain lily reproduction!

This morning I took my coffee out to the front-yard sitting area to wait to catch Tommy when he finished mowing down in the pasture. As I looked around, I was very gratified to see that my 'Prairie Sunset' Zephyranthes had reappeared. I bought it from Painted Flower Farms last fall. It had leaves and one bud then, which opened after Steve planted it, but then of course it all disappeared in the winter.

When I got up to move my chair out of a sun-spot, I discovered more of them! Behind my chair was a clump with two flowers and two buds. This has to be where the original pot was planted. So a seed from that one flower last fall evidently germinated 4 feet away, and was able to bloom its first year.

This speaks well for the possibility of their spreading over the yard. And also urges me to get seeds right away (if the County doesn't mow them) from the golden ones blooming now at the Bayless-Selby House.

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