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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

catching up

Well, apologies to anyone who drops in here and wonders what has happened to me. Just busy, not much convenient internet access, houseguests, and a sprained wrist.

I came back from Massachusetts on March 1 to find spring had come, peaches and plums blooming three weeks early, green grass. The green grass soon became knee-high grass with abundant rain. Then late April and early May turned into summer, and the grass became hay. Many actual hay-fields have been cut already.

We did have a welcome return of spring weather in the last week,with rain (an inch and a half at the Ridge), and downright chilly nights. Warming up again now.

Kay and I split my beehive in early March. In early April I added a super to each hive. By late that month I was getting worried that they needed more space -- great masses of bees were hanging out all the time on the landing boards and sometimes up the fronts of the hives. What with the schedule of meetings with Crispin and Turid and engineers, lawyers, realtors, etc., and Jazzfest, I was unable to do anything about it. Also, the sprained wrist made building frames impossible. But I finally got some done and added a fourth story to the new hive last Thursday. Found several frames FULL of honey! I put two of them up into the new box to help draw the bees up there to work, I hope. I just this morning finished the frames for the original hive, and hope to get them on this afternoon.

That's a very quick recap of the brief spring. Here are Amy and Ellen and the 610 irises, and the backyard Ridge hayfield in the rain last week.

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