Natural History Notes

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sumer is icumen in!

Whoof! While I haven't been posting, spring has just about come and gone. 92° forecast for next few days, then maybe cooler at the end of the week. Today is a pretty hot Easter. Walking to morning meeting was nice, walking home again was a little warm, getting up in the mid-80's. All the oaks and other trees are fully green, and even the pecans are getting their leaves. The iris have been very nice in the beds at 610. Here they aren't doing as much. Crispin and Turid were here this past weekend, and Turid directed Ben Huttash and his friend John in pulling up almost all the privet among the iris in the back yard, so they may start growing more now.

Awe bleteth after lomb, lhouth after calve cu - well, we've got no lambs or calves, but kittens by the basement wall, and teeny little possums emerging from under the deck, those we have. Groweth sed and bloweth med and springth the wde nu.