Tuesday, July 01, 2014

almost berries again

Just about dusk yesterday, I went down to check on the approaches to the blackberry patch that Tommy was mowing yesterday morning. He had said he thought they would be another week or two ripening, that there were plenty of berries, still mostly red.

Well, they are mostly red still, but there are definitely ripe black ones to be found, mostly on the tips of the twigs. I had planned to check on them, and then continue on my way on the loop, just over half a mile, through the old white gate.

Instead I spent ten minutes gathering a half cup of berries, and came trudging up the hill again, barely a quarter mile.

Not much exercise, but breakfast sure was good.

Tommy has made a nice broad approach path, and mowed in close to the bearing canes.

In my fridge last night.

Breakfast - with blueberries, peaches, milk and cream. Yum!

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