Wednesday, January 25, 2012

eggs ... and more eggs...

I e-mailed pretty much all my close friends and family, but I guess I forgot to post it here.

On Tuesday 3 January 2012 about 4pm I found AN EGG in the wicker chair in the hay under the chicken roost. A beautiful pale brown, 1.7 ounce egg. There was another on Thursday, and every day till Sunday. Monday she took off.

Then on Tuesday 10 January, there were TWO eggs, as younger chicken joined in. Now I am getting two on most days, with occasionally a single.

I have tried to get them to lay in the nice dark sheltered box. I have put hay in there, and a fake egg, and even a real egg. No. They want to lay in the hay under the roost, and that's all there is to it. It's OK, as long as I remember to go up every afternoon and check, so that no eggs are there lying in the nest under the roost overnight.

Amy was here last week and got some nice pictures of the girls in the morning sun. She also got to watch big chicken lay an egg.
Of course, she couldn't see through the hen, but she could tell what must be happening, and gave me a play by play. Tail going up and down. Hen pulling around pieces of hay. And sure enough, when big chicken got up, where there had been one egg, there were two.

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